Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy (day 3 of the) New Year

A puffy, fluffy winter wonderland here. It's pushing 3 feet of snow. We managed to get to church this morning. Tom plowed this afternoon, but you can't really tell. Now it's time to fret about whether it's safe (or possible) to get kids to school tomorrow. We've heard the buses are pretty much snowed in; just getting them out of the lot will be a huge project. So, who knows, we might be taking a snow day tomorrow. If there's no school, I don't have to go to work at the church do I?

It's a beautiful pure white, clean slate, start to a new year, a new decade. We're looking for better days, or at least if not better, may our troubles in the new year be as short-lived as our resolutions. (Typed with a wink and a smile and thanks to Curtis, from whom I stole that line.) Happy New Year!

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