Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Time Line (40 Years and Counting)

The Players

40 years ago today I married Tom Henning...He was Tommy then. We dated through eleventh grade, twelfth grade, and then, one year after high school we married. We were still 18. Kids. I chose not to go to college, instead I snagged a job at the university. The plan was to save up $ for married life and to get spouse benefits for Tom's tuition, when by marriage he would lose the tuition break his mother's employment at Pattee Library offered. We really were still kids. Two years and a few months later we had our first baby boy -- Nathan, the prophet.. I had just turned 21. Tom wasn't yet 21. Kids. 17 months later we had our second baby boy -- Aaron, the priest. Kids with 2 kids. 5 years later we had our 3rd little boy -- Adam, God's man. And 6 years after Adam our family was completed with the arrival of David -- a king, and a man after God's own heart.

That's the immediate family, but there are daughters-in-law, grandkids, and a significant other, and two extended families... Hennings and Bruces, and so many friends who were (are) part of our lives through the years.

Next The People and The Places (after's Sunday)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Newly Weds

Congratulations to Leesa and Jack!

nephew and cousins of the bride
parents and grands 
Siblings: Joan, Kath, Tom, Lu, Scott, Bets           

 It really was a wonderful wedding, beautiful reception, and then the next day we helped my dad celebrate his 80th birthday.  

 What a fantastic, fun-filled, weekend getaway. We came from California, Florida, Ohio, Paris, France, and various corners of Pennsylvania. Everyone is back home now. And I'll bet we all agree...there's no place like home.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Moving On

I really have to finish up with the long begone cousins reunion because other things keep happening...eagle sightings, mama deer and fawns, wedding, reception, and surprise 80th birthday party. But first things first. Still from the last days of July: playing in the sand down by the creek bank and fishing, and baby, baby, who's got the baby? (No shortage of willing volunteers.)

Swimmers and Divers

Most Impressive...Breakfast On the Camp Fire

Chief cook -- whose #1 helper was her brother.
Meanwhile... There was a grandbaby to hold
and a fire to keep stoked (there's the sous chef!)
and children to entertain
until -- voila -- breakfast was served!
I was in the house brewing coffee in a modern day coffee maker. Tom was playing pool boy -- getting ready for the barrage of swimmers.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cousins Reunion 2011

More pictures to come! Swimming, camping, breakfast around the campfire, rolling down the sloping front yard, visiting, and of course, the picnic.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Sustaining Power of Hope and Prayer

I have nothing to complain about. Yet someone who does gives me reason -- by example -- to appreciate, enjoy, relish and embrace LIFE. And maybe take time to show a little gratitude (she says sheepishly).

Read Toddler Planet and please keep Susan in your prayers. Thank you so much.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

July Zooms By

Kathy's 60th birthday on the 4th of July...
She's a Yankee Doodle Dandy
Birthday party, family reunion, spending over with friends, back home to prepare for guests, work in the tree fields, host cookouts and swim days, repair boat (see previous post), more mowing and shearing in the tree fields, gear up for Henning family reunion, clean up from Henning family reunion...and zip, that month is over!

Lots accomplished. Lots of fun had. Still more summer to enjoy!

Random photos: 

Visiting the old stomping grounds -- Stackhouse Park
bro and sis-in-law
More Family and friends  
The internet is slow...I've spent way too long trying to upload pix. Pictures of the Cousins Reunion to follow. Like maybe when we have a realio trulio high speed connection, which is rumored to be a possibility by next week. We'll see.