Thursday, April 28, 2011

Power Outage

A flicker, a snap, and then darkness. Dark and quiet. And in the dark, Tom and I both laughed at how indifferent we were about the TV show we were watching. That's when you know you just might need an intervention. But we sat and let our eyes adjust to the darkness. Thanks to the incessant cloud cover there was no moonlight to help out. Then the lights came on and the TV blared. (Had it been so loud before the sudden silence?) I dashed to the laundry closet and snatched up a flashlight, just in time too. I was able to light my way when darkness overtook again, and round up some candles and matches. Then Tom and I sat outside on the porch swing listening to the spring peepers, the wind, and soon a siren. We'd find out in the morning that a car hit a utility pole and toppled it into another pole.

We were without electricity for only a short time. Though predicted storms threatened all night long, our outage was caused by an accident. Sadly, this morning's news shows reported devastation from tornadoes in states across the country (again.) Truly our little outage was nothing. Other people lost homes, all their worldly possessions, some lost neighbors and loved ones. So many natural disasters, storms and floods. So much economic hardship. House foreclosures. Hunger. Illness. My heart breaks for those who suffer... and I'm ashamed for whining over wet weather.

The wind is still blowing hard (2 days? 3 days now?) It blows down the flowers and breaks branches, but it's not tornado force. On the bright side, it parts the clouds so the sun can shine through. We spoke last night about security, feeling safe. This world doesn't offer safety. In fact, the Bible says there will come a time when people say peace, peace, but there will be no peace. Is this that time? Better find your peace in something other than this world. This one appears to be coming apart at the seams.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Still April, Still Raining

We had one, terrific, surprise, bonus, next thing to a beautiful day. Saturday. The day before Easter.

One of my friends was quick thinking enough to reschedule her backyard Easter egg hunt. Her grandchildren donned their Easter finery, took baskets in hand and searched the yard for colored eggs -- a day early.

When my kids were little we were occasionally included in that Thayer/Powell family tradition. Such fun. Good memories.

This year our Easter weekend was filled with... a noontime Good Friday service at church and then a children's celebration in the evening.

Saturday morning we attended a graveside service for our dear old friend, Aunt Ronnie, who passed onto glory back in October. With the Dine family we celebrated her life and her new everlasting life. Then we spent Saturday afternoon with our son David's in-law family. Good food, good company, an egg hunt, and good weather to boot.

On Easter Sunday Tom fixed us a pancake breakfast. Dave and Mel had to leave by 9a.m. right about the time we headed off to church. For Resurrection Sunday, church was full and the music, fabulous. Angelic, happy children treated us to a hand-signed rendition of "Lord I Lift Your Name on High." And the message "Jesus Our Coming King" inspired hope and joy.

Afterward Tom and I, along with John and Wanda, went to Gary and Nadine's for a delicious ham dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy like only Deenie can make. Scrumptious!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

April Flowers

First come crocuses,

then the daffodils bloom, 

and soon -- very soon -- daffodils will make way for tulips...I can hardly wait!

April showers, storms, sleet and snow haven't been able to stop the April flowers, they've greened up the grass, and promise to bring May flowers. Now if it could just get a little warmer, please.

 The girls and I got to enjoy some beautiful sunny days last week. Cool, but sunny. Perfect for playing outdoors.

The big sister can pump all by herself. The little one has added "whee!" and "push, push!" to her vocabulary.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

One of Five Birthdays

From March through April -- five of our kids and grands turn a year older. When our boys were young they were grouped as the big boys (2 of 'em) and the little boys (2 of them too). Now that the older of the 2 "little" boys is over 30 -- yikes, I'm feeling old! Ah, but what matters? He's still young.
Adam & Alicia, Jim & Wendy

Yes, his birthday was in March. Yes, that is a Christmas tree on the wall.


I took it down last week when it dawned on me, maybe that's why winter wouldn't go away -- my bad, I hadn't taken down all my Christmas trappings. I apologize to the rest of the world. It's my fault the snow wouldn't stop. But everything should be okay now. I've done my part, my decorations are all in storage. So go ahead and put away your snowsuits.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thirty-six years ago today...

my second baby boy was born. He's all grown up with 2 little ones of his own. I'm sure they are having a wonderful day helping daddy celebrate his birthday with balloons, streamers, cake and presents.
Sunrise, sunset,
quickly fly the years.