Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lucky Me...

The month of Thanksgiving continues. People post what they are most thankful for each day. I'm cognizant of amazing blessings and only hope I don't overlook the smallest ones. But I don't often enough take time to voice my thanks, except maybe in prayer. Perhaps these pictures give voice to what has blessed me most this month...time with Mom and Dad.

Nadine and I had a great week in Florida or as my Dad likes to call it, Paradise... Lucky us.

Mom giving directions
Something was pretty funny...but I don't remember what.
Last morning...the sun's coming up and we're heading out.

The favorite nurse (in yellow) doubled as cook, cleaner, yard worker, and all around good friend.
The pleasant patient (in stripes) up early. Up, but not quite at 'em!
Saying goodbye over a cup of coffee

at dark thirty.
I'm very grateful for a wonderful time with Mom and Dad... Lucky me!

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