Thursday, January 10, 2008

Warm Winter Weather

Balmy days in January bring on sniffy, sneezy headcolds. It's not the weather's fault. The blame goes to the goofball who doesn't wear a hat or coat outdoors, knowing full well that she's been burning the candle...taxing her immune system...right after all the holiday hoopla. Guilty. I'm paying my dues.

No matter I'm still thankful for: those fabulous couple of warm days in January, the big snow (before the warm spell) which made for great skiing, the open field behind the barn that provides space to make trails, the gorgeous scenery complete with wildlife that flits, flies, frolics in plain sight, this terrific place to live, and friends and family to share life with.

All good gifts, things I appreciate. Oh, and nice soft tissues. I like those too.

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