Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sled Rides and Skiing

Here's a picture to go with last week's post. She was having fun and I was getting exercise!

This week it's bitter cold and snowy. Yesterday Tom built a fire in the fireplace and we got all sorts of work done around the house -- inside work! In mid-afternoon I braved the elements and had a ski around the field behind the barn. All that bright sunshine was just a teaser. The wind was bitter, and the snow was crunchy cold with a layer of powder on top -- perfect for gliding. Perfect surroundings for thinking, planning, praising the One who created all this good stuff for us to enjoy. By the time I came back inside I was warmed up from the inside out. Time to carry out some of those great plans I made while outdoors.

That was yesterday. Today I better bundle up and have at it again. Not because I already did everything I wanted to do, just to put off the doing. And maybe to think up some fun stuff.

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