Thursday, January 31, 2008


The do-over thing with the needle is done. I spent most of the day resting, feeling like a whimp. But hey, the instructions said, go home and relax for the remainder of the day. I did. I like following orders, when I like the orders.

I had planned to take myself... I'm a big girl. I did it myself last time. I hate imposing, wasting someone else's time... But a young friend, Linda, offered to tag along, keep me company, hang out. Turned out that was awfully nice. Like when the nurses thought I had a bleeder and were sort of choking me to stop it. I was really glad to know someone was nearby just in case. It helped too, knowing that "the someone" was a praying person.

The very nice nurse went to get Linda. She was invited to come back and keep me company because I'd have to stay for a little while and be rechecked. -- Meanwhile the doctor took a look at the pictures and said, "No, no, it's fine. She can leave." But of course when I waltzed (more like shuffled) out into the hallway and said we can go now, Linda didn't believe me. She's so cute. She really didn't believe me. She patted the chair inviting me to sit beside her. Since I was still feeling beat up, I sat with her and explained that I really and truly was released. Ohhhh, but it felt good to sit for a couple more minutes anyway.

The morning was redeemed, before heading back home we went out for a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll. Can't beat that! Special thanks to all my friends who prayed for me. I appreciate you -- your friendship & your prayers.

So that's the tale of my little procedure and it leaves me wondering at all Whymommy has endured. Big deal or little deal, when it's your deal it's significant. I honestly contemplated not going through with this. And then I thought, what if Whymommy had put off having her unusual symptoms checked. What if Whymommy had listened to the first surgeon and only had one breast removed instead of two?

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