Friday, January 4, 2008

Resolving to What?

I've been thinking about new year resolutions. But life keeps happening and I haven't even taken time to put "make resolutions" on my to-do list.

Yesterday I got a reality check when I read Whymommy's list of resolutions for the new year (at Toddler Planet). Whymommy has been fighting Inflamatory Breast Cancer (IBC)since last summer. That means heavy duty chemo and the horrific side effects that go with it. Meanwhile she keeps her household running, plays with and reads to her children, answers lots of questions from the toddler, (hence the "Whymommy" handle) and tends to her soon to be one-year-old. All that with the help of "Whydaddy" and grandparents and friends. This wonder-woman mommy blogs every day, encourages others with cancer, and coaches others how to help a friend or family member with the dreaded disease. All that, and she took time to record new year resolutions. You know why? Because she's grateful to have a new year to plan for!

We should all look mortality in the face and see what effect it has. Then make a few resolutions.

Did I mention that her resolutions are highly ambitious? In comparison, I'm a slug. But I'm a teachable slug. Whymommy's zest for life is all the inspiration I need to appreciate the life I have. I hereby resolve to give thanks and enjoy all my blessings. That's only one resolution, but it's one I'm going to keep. I'll make a list. It'll be too long to share (still trying for short & sweet), but I'll pick out a few key things and post. Out of that, perhaps will come a few more resolutions.

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Lisa Vella said...

Awesome and inspiring post, Betsy! We should all be grateful for another year! Thank you!