Sunday, March 30, 2014

Say It Ain't So...

Thanks to Social networking, even I can Tweet with the best of them, because when it comes to politics – I have an opinion. Religion – I have an opinion. Education, taxes, causes, issues – count me in. I have an opinion, and I hold fast to the belief that YOU are entitled to it.

Just like everyone else.
In the 21st century, how easy and convenient it is to share our opinions far and wide. Shout them out in all caps through email, twitter about one thing and another, and then for good measure, Facebook it. Plus I can send my views around Google circles; Link them in, play Foursquare— all to ensure that no matter what I am thinking, everyone else has Reddit. I hope you’re with me, or at the very least reading me.

Why? To get the word out, of course, because heaven knows, somebody out there needs to hear your – and by your, I mean MY – opinion. Whether my viewpoint is stumbled upon, or merely tumbles onto someone’s screen, gets pinned on it, re-tweeted, or better yet, comes to life on You Tube – it matters not. What matters is I am heard, and known, and understood. I want my stance on social issues, my politics, religious views, values, and philosophies known.
Yours? Not so much. Please don’t debate with me. Facebook isn’t the place and Twitter doesn’t offer enough space. Take up your cause your own way, on your own page, or get Upworthy to back you. Just please keep your viewpoints off my pages, because I’m trying to promote peace, love, and unity. I’m trying to spread faith and hope, dispel darkness, disperse joy. My way.

If your thoughts differ from mine, I probably won’t take your call. And, a coffee date is out of the question. I’m not seeking to console anybody, understand other points of view, overlook or pardon your narrow-minded ways. I prefer to hold tight my good and righteous convictions and blab them across cyber space. Fingers flying, the hazy blue computer screen flickering, press send, hit return and whoosh. I’ve reached into my friends’ worlds. I gave them something to think about, something good and true and of value to me. So naturally, it will be of value to you and to them.
What is that I hear off in the distance? Somewhere out there cymbals are clanging and a gong is sounding. Hmm, it kind of sounds like… me.

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