Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Field of Geese

One delightful bonus of having neighboring farmers cultivate our fields -- wildlife sightings! Leftover beans, corn, grasses provide tempting, tasty nourishment for most every critter inhabiting our woods, flying over, or paddling by on the creek. In spite of cold temperatures we've had enough warm days to melt the snow and bring a bit of grass to life. This harbinger of spring greeted me yesterday: a field of big, beautiful, noisy birds...honk, honk.

I've seen swans flying over head and heard their soft calls. And a not-so-soft call of sand hill cranes got my attention in time to see a pair zooming past. Friends have spotted bald eagles, but I haven't been that lucky yet. Deer browse at dusk, squirrels scamper continually -- always on a mission those bushy-tailed characters.
Fun news from Florida -- I heard that my dad's sand hill cranes have babies. I hope someone will post a picture of the half-pints before they grow full size! Here are the adults from my last visit to Florida.
 Magnificent creatures they are. I Can't wait to see the little guys.

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