Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mid Week Good Short Reads

I'm somewhat recovered from last week's drama over the World Vision upheaval. But that matters not -- I pray the innocent victims are also recovered. Innocents like the needy children as well as the vulnerable marginalized people whose status as worthy human beings was trounced.

One such person said, "I’ve been sitting in a swell of sad for a couple hours, because this is what I’m hearing: No, you aren’t even worthy to serve hungry children. You are so deeply unwanted that I will let a child die if it keeps you away from me. From us. From the body of Christ. I will spare no life if it keeps you far away." Those are the words and the wrung out feelings of Benjamin Moberg, on his Registered Runaway blog post titled, When Evangelicals Turn Against Children to Spite Me.

What's that all about? This sadly divisive issue is defined succinctly by Tony Campolo: The Board of Directors of World Vision USA tried to make room within their organization for Christians who do not believe that scripture condemns same-sex marriage, even though the board members themselves believe that it does. They simply were saying that their beliefs on this issue, as important as they might be, do not define whether a person is a Christian and, therefore, a possible employee within World Vision USA.

Rachel Held Evans poured her heart out in her blog entitled What Now? This after grieving... as she updated her followers with the reversal of World Vision's decision to amend their hiring and benefit policies.  valiant effort to encourage unity, stand up for those who are down trodden and persecuted within the faith. An update and apology that she posted after encouraging people to give generously to World Vision in order to stave off financial ruination that would leave desperately impoverished children without support. Because it is after all, not about me or you, it's about the children.

Tony Campolo explains very well -- in Christ we should be able to offer grace and live peaceably with one another despite our differences. The paragraph above is taken from the Red Letter Christians blog, which you can read here: One response to the troubles of World Vision. Tony's humble position reminds me of Jesus. Just my opinion. What do you think?

The key is dialogue, not name calling and judging, just talking, listening, offering compassion and grace because indeed, God's ways and thoughts are higher than ours. Only He knows for sure how to interpret His written word. The rest of us are left to our own devices, which is a scary thought even with the power available to us through the Holy Spirit! We still fall so darn short.

A friend of mine, Susan, put it well: I think most people think World Vision is a good organization. My question now is... If you are in an organization that is doing good, and you want to do what is in your heart that seems right, to be inclusive what do you do with the immense resistance. OR if you are in a church where you see a reputable organization that looks like it is going in a direction you don't agree with, but they are still good, what do you do? It seems like we need to find new ways to dialogue without tearing up the good work our brothers and sisters do. How can we argue fairly, honestly, without hurting those around us? Or can we? 

I loved that she says, "It seems like we need to find new ways to dialogue without tearing up the good work our brothers and sisters do." And I says, Amen, sister!

Must end with a final message from Rachel Held Evans...I’m ready to stop waging war and start washing feet.

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Kristine Riddle said...

How did I not see this when you first published it? Oh well, I'm seeing it now -- thankfully. Well written, and thought provoking. I can't wait to talk to you in person!