Thursday, November 25, 2010


The pies are in the oven and the turkey is waiting his turn. This is the first time in a few years that we've done our Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. Usually we feast together on Saturday to accommodate busy schedules and other obligations. Not so this year. Last year on Thanksgiving day we took turkey and all the trimmings and shared the day with our friend "Aunt" Ronnie. This year she's celebrating in heaven...

I'm catching a few minutes of the Macy Day Parade -- here they come led by the Master of Ceremonies and the parade producer. There's Snoopy right behind the big yellow Macy's stars, followed by Lucy and Charlie Brown. ...And I have to interrupt this blog to say that I just had a Happy Thanksgiving phone call from Dad. My parents' tradition of having Aunt Lou and Uncle Harry over is reversed this year and they are traveling to the west coast of Florida for turkey dinner at Lou and Harry's place instead. ...Before that call the cast from Sesame Street sang a song about music touching everyone's heart... and it touched my heart. Sweet memories. Those Sesame Street people are like old friends, who have grown quite a bit older over the 20-30 years since my kids were Sesame Street age. Only Big Bird hasn't aged -- he's still spry, has a child-like voice and his color hasn't faded a bit. Oh this really is too much fun, high school bands and university bands, and singers...all sorts of entertainment.

I think I'll wrap up this blog. I really must go. There are things to do, getting ready for company to come. Meanwhile, the pies are out of the oven and the stuffed turkey is in.

Pictures from one year ago...

A gorgeous woman and great friend, a beautifully set table... a fond memory.

And now... to get busy making this year's memory! Have a wonderful holiday.

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