Friday, February 26, 2010

A Foot of Snow...3 foot drifts

Snow Days! yawn...
A two hour delay means Tom goes to work 2 hours early
First he has to plow our driveway  (4:30 a.m.? I don't know, I was asleep.)
At 6 a.m. he says, "Goodbye, stay in bed, the schools are all on a two-hour delay."
"Mmmm,"  I murmur, "nice,"  and roll over and go back to sleep.

The delay turns into a  cancellation. Awesome. I love snow days.
I still had my little girls for part of the day so their mama could use her bonus day to clean house. It made the best of both worlds for me and for her.

The snow is absolutely beautiful, but mostly we don't like it. No matter how beautiful it is, it's inconvenient and cold. Tomorrow we have a funeral to attend. It will probably be beautiful, but mostly we won't like it. No matter how beautiful the service is, saying goodbye is just so sad.  But still, my good friend's father will be buried tomorrow. In the snow. And we'll be there.

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Ellen Campbell said...

You all have really been hammered with snow this winter, haven't you? For some reason Centre County, while we have had snow, have been spared compared to, it seems, the rest of the state. But less than one month and it is offcially Spring!