Thursday, February 18, 2010

9 plus 9 makes 18

February 18th is almost over. I haven't blogged since the 9th.It hasn't been a great week. I've spent 9 days catching up from time away, but haven't accomplished it yet. And I had house guests, and I got sick, and Nathan's cat died...on our watch...second one. Oh dear, don't ever ask me to watch your pet. Apparently I can't be trusted.  Kids I'm pretty good with, but animals? Not so much.There's one cat left. She's curled up beside me now. She's big, soft, fluffy,and purry. I keep telling her she can't dare die on me. My heart would break, and Nate would be within his rights to question these alleged accidental (cat #1)and natural cause (cat #2) passings.

Add to that, my dad's in the hospital recovering from surgery. My friend's dad is in the hospital dying.

Is that why I  missed my niece Leesa's birthday yesterday, and my good friend Trudy's? Is that why I'm behind at work...both of my jobs? Perhaps. But I feel better now and another weekend is coming up. Tomorrow I get my baby fix with two little girls. Saturday I'll catch up. And I'll go buy a couple of belated cards.

Here I am with Deenie in Florida, taking time to smell the roses.

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Brian said...

Hope that can happen here soon. About two months away and winter should be over. Happy you had a good vacation. Gl;ad to see you are all back with us again.