Sunday, February 7, 2010


We should be home by now, but not so. Did you hear? There's a snowstorm on the east coast.

Really? It's clear and sunny here in Sebring, Florida.But oh dear, our flight was canceled yesterday. So we must extend our vacation. I know, I know, it's pretty hard to take. Or as my friend Nadine said, quoting Brer Rabbit, "Don't throw me in the briar patch!" Unfortunately, it is cool here. Not cold, mind you, just cool.

I feel badly that we're inconveniencing people back home at church. Gary, Tom and I all had commitments this morning. Sunday school teacher, worship leader, and jr. church teacher...oops, we ought not to all go away together just in case something like this should happen. Fortunately, not a one of us is irreplaceable. But I know we put a few people out, I hope they will accept our apology.

This is the second trip I've made to Starbucks to use the internet. I can only use the internet at Dad's by using his computer...and as we all know, we're kind of attached to our own. There's stuff on my own laptop that, well yes, it could be transferred with a hot stick, but goodness, it's just inconvenient. Plus the atmosphere here helps me keep focused on my work...ummm, er, except for at the moment, I'm sort of blogging instead of working. So here I am getting back to work.  First a picture of Tom with his little baby hammerhead shark.
And then proof that I was indeed working...

And playing some too...with Deenie

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Brian said...

Everything went smoothly Sunday morning. It was a blessing that Tom had the worship preplanned just in case. Good planning ahead. Pastor Cliff gave us an excellent teaching which he had changed plans just Sunday morning from what he planned to teach. It was a real blessed morning and we are looking forward to you and Tom being able to minister to us once again. Looks like you are enjoying your trip. Thanks for sharing the beatiful photos.