Monday, August 3, 2009


Summer is flying by. If you lived around here you'd be asking, "what summer?" It's been wet and cool with rarely two nice sunny, warm summer days in a row. Hot? Not at all. The one air conditioner unit we own never got out of the closet and the window fans are in the attic...unplugged...collecting dust.

But with all the rain the grass is lush, the garden (such as it is) is bountiful. We're especially thankful for the gift of a gas well so we can heat our pool and enjoy it even when Mr. Sun isn't doing the job of making the water warm. And some people enjoy the cooler weather. I'm happy for them.

We didn't travel this summer (so far) except to move David to Connecticut...from this cute little house that he lived in for five years. To this studio apartment...
We believe that a rainbow is a sign of God's we take this to mean all will be well for our youngest boy in his new grown up job in a grown up world.

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