Sunday, August 23, 2009

Men on a Hot Tin Roof

Okay, so I don't know if it's tin, but it's some kind of metal and it was HOT. All that cool weather we've been wishing away this summer stepped aside for a brief stint of crazy hot. It was unfortunate timing in light of a roofing project someone in our church organized. The day dawned bright and beautiful. We were so happy to have a gorgeous day...until the heat and humidity kept rising...until a couple of guys got feeling sick...until it became apparent that all that good food we brought wasn't going to get eaten. Oh well. The good news is that the house was securely under roof before everyone left that evening. Not so the porch. But it will all get done. I'm confident of that.

First, off with the old...or most of the old...
(Here's Tom climbing a ladder hours before the heat got to him and rendered him worthless.)

Then on with the new...(Hot? Ask this guy about it. He says it was like working over an oven the way the heat radiated.)

Here are some guys sweating it out on the ground. Somebody's got to clean up the old shingles. Volunteers? anyone? anyone? (I would have helped, but I was manning the camera.)

The women were working too, painting the porch and window trim. Oh, and, would that be me? In the white shirt off to the right, standing around talking? With my hands in my pockets? I must have been consulting, or supervising, or something important like that.It really was an impressive crew. The grateful homeowner was overwhelmed, and so appreciated everything that got done. The workers were equally blessed.

That was last weekend. This weekend Tom and I stayed home and worked in our tree fields...where it doesn't matter how hot it gets. We pace ourselves. An hour or two of work, a dip in the pool. It's a much more reasonable way to work. Next time we help with a roofing project, we'll pack up the pool and take it along. It might be the most valuable tool on the job site.

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Brian said...

It was such a blessing to see how Christ united His church in unity financially and also how the men and women were able to share their talents and gifts to meet this need. I am thankful that all those who were affected physically by the heat are all ok now.
I am looking forward to the cleanup day on September 12th. I have the Ok to go ahead and have that day off. I am looking forward to the fellowship that I need working with other believers. Thanks goes to Tom and you for getting the details figured out on ordering the new shed. I see you organized the office area. It looks much neater. Thank you for taking your time to do that. We will see you Sunday. Hope the end of your week goes smoothly. I am praying for Tom that all goes well for his preparations in getting the kitchen and bus schedules in proper order for the opening of school.