Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Family, family, and more family

Earlier I posted about Ben and the work we got done while he was here...all that was in preparation for what we, on the Henning side of the family, call "the cousins reunion". Parts of the house that needed painted, got painted, along with shutters, trim, etc. Everything else got swept, washed, weeded, wiped down, shined up or trimmed back. All set for company. But before the Hennings arrived we had a quick visit from some of the Bruces: Oom and Pop, Kath and Audrey, Jerry, Lu and Rebecca, and the afore mentioned Ben (who isn't a Bruce, rather, he's the son of Kath's good Parisian friends Linda and Eric.) It was an enjoyable opportunity to see Ben one last time before he flew home to France, and a good time to have the far away contingent of my family come to our house.

Rebecca learning to swim
Rebecca totally tuckered

And a week later, when the other relatives arrived, there was all kinds of fun. Eating and tractor rides, eating and swimming, eating and games, eating and a birthday party...which included...eating...

Happy 2nd Birthday to Matthew!

Our reunion was only two days before Jill's birthday, but she didn't get any attention at all. I guess it really is all about the kids! I hope she didn't mind too much.

Happy Belated Birthday, Jill!


Brian said...

Hi Betsy,
It is good to see your back to blogging again. It was nice to see Ben again and I was glad that we were able to reach out to him enough that he wanted to visit the church one more time before returning back to his home. Also thankful that you were able to have such a good time hosting family and friends this summer as you extended and used your gift of hospitality. I am back blogging again and I am thankful for that. See you Sunday.

Journalistic Inquiry said...

Hi, Betsy ... I'm just now seeing this. Thanks for your birthday wishes. It's funny, I nearly forgot my birthday was Monday -- yes, it is definitely all about the kids ...

It was so good to see you and the rest of the family. Thank you, thank you for once again hosting such a nice Henning reunion! We would love to see you in CT if/when you come up here to visit David.