Wednesday, July 1, 2009

He's Off!


Not our Davey boy, our Benji boy. Okay, so he's not ours. But for 2 weeks he's been ours and I kinda got attached to the kid. Maybe it's because he's like the perfect kid, the perfect house guest, and good fun company! Always a smile or a chuckle or a grin. Always a helping hand or offer to assist. Yeah, I know, it (he) doesn't seem real. But I think he is. He sure seems to be the real deal. (If you've seen the movie The Stepford Wives -- he wasn't like that. Those poor women lived a fake robotic, yet perfect, existence.)

All that to say, 16 year old Ben is a terrific kid.

But I had to pass him off to his next host family. He'll spend a couple of weeks with my brother's family. They have a boy Ben's age, so no doubt his time there will be even more fun than it was here. I say that because I really believe he had a good time here. Or was that just part of his "great house guest" quality?


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