Sunday, April 19, 2009

Swinging into Spring

This was Thursday. Friday was even warmer and sunnier. Saturday was unbelievably gorgeous. So, if rain is on the way (and the weatherman says it is) oh well, the sun will come of these tomorrows.

A miracle happens every year. These daffodils come up, then they turn into tulips, then the tulips become dahlias.

I know -- it astounds me too!

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Brian said...

Betsy, Those are the things that I enjoy. Simplicity: flowers blooming in the front yard for all to enjoy and a child swinging and smiling as she takes in the first sunny days of spring. It reminds me of pictures in a magazine I used to get called Birds and Blooms. It almost makes you want to be there at the time the picture was taken so you can take delight in the moment yourself.