Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April Fool

Five inches of snow, that was the prediction, but I hoped they were wrong. Yesterday's newspaper said, "Big Storm Coming? Say it Ain't Snow!" But yes indeed, it is snow. I'm comforted by the Bible verse that says to everything there is a season. That assures me that this season will pass. But, hey, wait a minute, it's spring. I'm supposed to be seeing daffodils and green grass. Mother nature has her seasons all mixed up, or perhaps this is just an April Fool's joke.

My friend Beth said they have snow in North Carolina. And Tom's sister said they were expecting snow in Georgia. What's going on? I think it's a part of global warming that is beyond my comprehension.

In an effort to give thanks in all circumstances I'll say this about the snow: it's white, it's bright, it's pure, it's pretty. And best of all, this is probably the absolute, positive, last snow of all. I mean, the last snow before October or November. My forecast is, it'll be warmer by June.

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