Monday, July 28, 2008

Seven Days Later

Seven days and one big project later... That's my excuse for not making time to blog all week long. Instead I painted the ceiling, walls, and floor in a little guest room at the back of the house. Tom helped put up a border, Davey boy helped with touch up -- a quasi second coat, which is what you do when you're too cheap to go buy more paint. It's done, looks fine, and will sleep two when we have the "Cousins Reunion" here in a couple of weeks.

That room (like every room in this house) has a history. When Tom and I were first married it was a cluttered closet. The whole room was being used for storage. It was off the largest nicest bedroom of the house. Which, once upon a time, was most likely a parlor and the little room was a bedroom. In the early 70's it was a spacious bedroom with a walk-in closet (that you couldn't walk into for all the stuff). That was when Tom and I used to visit "the farm" on weekends -- driving four hours to sweep the cobwebs and dead flies (me), mow the lawn (him) and swim/fish/row-the-boat on French Creek. One night I had a dream that we had a baby girl. We named her Lavender, and she slept in that little back room off "our" bedroom.

From then on we referred to that room as little Lavender's room. And a couple of years later, when I was pregnant with my first child, we teasingly called "it" Little Lavender. Lucky baby turned out to be a boy so he wasn't saddled with that colorful moniker. I wouldn't have done that to a girl either, honest; but it was great fun teasing about little Lavender.

If I'd ever have had a little girl I wonder if she'd be as cute as these three...

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