Monday, July 7, 2008

There's Work and then There is WORK!

Tom is on vacation -- it's his working vacation. One week to do all the projects that require more time than a fella has on weekends. You should see the list I made him! He loves it when I make him lists. (You believe that?)

This is the time of year when the tree fields are begging to be tended. Mow. Shear. Cut out the losers who grew double trunks as well as all the trees with weeviled tops. I do the mowing. I like to mow. It's hard, but still, I like to do it. The tree fields all have to be mowed by hand, push-type mowing, because of the bumpy lumpy terrain and the unfortunate spacing of the trees. The weeds are thick enough that I can't see the holes where trees were dug out until I or the mower fall(s) in one. So rather than zipping up and down rows and rows of trees it's more like a herky jerky wrestling match to keep the mower in line and on task.

I had my back adjusted last week to prepare for such hard work. As long as it's aligned I'm not hurting myself by push mowing -- that's what my chiropractor says. (Of course I didn't tell him what I told you in the previous paragraph about holes and uneven terrain and such. That will remain our secret ;) By the way, I know that my doctor is a chiropractor, but most people around here go to a quiro-practor. What's up with that anyway?

We worked from 8:30 to nearly 11 this morning. Plunged our sweaty bodies (eeeeww) into the pool (it's okay, we'll add more chlorine), and now we're doing easy work through the heat of the day -- like blogging! Tonight we'll get back at it. By the end of the week all of the fields will be done. (You believe that?)

I told Tom years ago that if we got a pool we'd get a lot more work done. Turns out to be true!

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