Friday, July 4, 2008


Here's a picture that works for Independence Day -- taken a few days ago. The little guy is my friend's newest grandson. I am blessed with lots of babies to enjoy. And even though this little guy isn't exactly one of our own, he's pretty close. He'll be with us today with his momma and daddy and "big" brother and nanna and papa -- our substitute family, the Shaffers.

More wonderful children that I get to love...

The big brother
My part-time charge

And, three sisters!

UPDATE -- THIS JUST IN...Adam and Alicia are in town. Tom and I will have one of our own kids for a picnic too. Davey boy's coming tomorrow to spend over Saturday and Sunday. ("Spend over" That's a blast from the past -- Adam and his little buddy Caleb used to beg to "spend over" at each other's houses. But Adam never could make it the whole night away from home, though he tried valiantly. I think age 11 was his first successful over-nighter. But I'm prone to exaggerate.)

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