Monday, April 7, 2008

No April Fool

Last Tuesday was April Fool's Day. I didn't pull any pranks on anyone. No one pulled any pranks on me. It kind of made me sad when I realized that at the end of the day. I hate to think we're not fun people, me and Tom rattling around in this big old house with no kids left in it. I can get all melancholy about that, but then again, Tom and I have this big old house to rattle around in and we don't have to share it with any kids. How fun is that? Okay, I'm over it.

Spring seems to be here in earnest. Shhhh, don't say that too loud, we don't want to scare it away. We've waited too long. Lilac bushes are budding up. Crocuses(croci?) are bright and beautiful, perfect little purple and yellow bunches of them. The daffodils are getting ready to burst open, and my red and yellow tulips will show themselves just as the daffodil heads droop. With spring coming so late we've had time to rake off all the flower beds. Not so last year -- see, last year's daffodils had to elbow their way through old dead leaves.

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Betsy Henning said...

This picture taken April 15, 2007 -- today, April 8, 2008 these same poseys are nothing but greenery sticking up maybe two inches out of the ground. But I see some buds forming. Where there's buds, there'll soon be blooms. Probably not by the 15th though.