Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kids, Good Medicine!

I'm hanging out with a 10 year old G-I-R-L for a few days. This is more fun than a person ought to be allowed to have! My little companion is best described as enthusiastic. We went to the zoo on Tuesday and every single animal was either adorable, awesome, hilarious, or soooooooooo cute. According to her it was the best zoo ever. The animals were amazing and you could get closer to them than any other zoo -- at least any zoo she's been to. Her favorite animals were the polar bears, the otters, the minature horse, the donkeys, the cheetah, leopard, jaguar, gorilla, orangutans, black swans, giraffes, rhinos... You getting this? Every animal was on her favorite list except -- the cockroaches. Nope, she didn't like the cockroaches one little bit.

Then on Wednesday we went to the Tractor Store. Why? Because they have an unbelievable assortment of model horses there. A child could spend hours deciding which two she will take home. Sorting the options, narrowing the choices -- when we got down to four horses I was so attached to the little plastic statues that I said, "Let's get all four!" (I had to buy a new mailbox. And since the Tractor Store had just the mailbox I wanted, $12 less than the last one I bought, I figured I owed the kid a finders fee. Right?) Yes indeed, it was exhilarating. And my little friend and I were equally exhausted and famished. We absolutely had to go out to eat before heading home. Over lunch we reveled in our good purchases and made our plan for the rest of the day. We planned out a full day!

She's off to bed too tired to be homesick (which was my plan all along). And for good measure, our dog Phoebe is keeping her company right up on the big bed with her. It worked last night, and I'll go to sleep praying it works again tonight.

We've got a play date lined up for tomorrow. I'll have two ten year old girls to play with. I can hardly wait! Now off to bed, I've got a busy day ahead.


Lisa Vella said...

G-I-R-L's are fun, aren't they?

Hmm...wonder what B-O-Y's are like...:)


Kim said...

THis child sounds vaguely familiar....could it be???

Betsy Henning said...

Yes indeed, Kim, you know that little girl. And if you weren't so far away you may have had the privilege of spending fun time with her while the parents were away. Not to make you feel left out but...your loss, my gain!