Saturday, January 25, 2014

I Knew Him Before He Had a Name

I began following a blog some time ago. A blog by an anonymous author. This competent and confident young man's story captivated me, his writing blessed me, and his heart and words tugged at my heart. Quite frankly, his writing edified...and intrigued me. I sensed something beneath what I was reading, something oozing between the lines. But what was it? Pain? Perhaps shame, but I couldn't be sure. So I followed him like a stalker. How else do you follow someone who doesn't want to be known? He was simply the Registered Runaway. After a lapse of a year or so -- on my part, not his -- I found him again. And now he has a name!
Once upon a time Benjamin Moberg was living a life of faith and blogging anonymously. He's still blogging, still living a life of faith, and he's living it openly.  These days Benjamin is living it out

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