Saturday, January 18, 2014

Back to Normal (Whatever That Is)

Who am I kidding? I'm nowhere near back to normal.

For one thing the conference I attended had a profound effect on me -- even more so than the previous two. Yet, perhaps, most likely, because of the previous two, and the cumulative effect. At all three conferences I saw faith, love, and grace lived out by above average Christians. Through their testimonies my faith became bigger, deeper, wider and more complete. Who would have thought? I attribute this to God opening the eyes of my heart.

One keynote speaker caught and summarized the essence of what the Gay Christian Network is all about in her blog.
Another attendee wrote his reflections in an article for the Huffington Post

For another thing, we started a remodeling project. A year ago we were in the throes of designing a new house. A smaller, tighter, easier to manage retirement house -- our dream home. But sad circumstances arose causing us to abandon that plan. And it's okay really, not the circumstances, but the idea of staying put in this big old drafty full-of-character-and-charm farmhouse. It's okay because we have the means to remodel, and hey, we've been renovating for like 38 years anyway. We'll continue making this our dream home. Eventually we can move our bedroom downstairs and  live on one level. You know, like when we get old. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's just finish expanding the living room. I can't wait to get to the part where we take up the floor. That'll be fun because it's the room in the center of the house and through which you must travel to get to every other room of the house.

It used to look like this...

The alcove where we put our Christmas tree has had an office area on one side and a big closet on the other.
The wall separating the alcove from the living room is gone now. I love changes, the bigger the better. This is big. And right now, this is a big mess...

These pictures are from last Saturday. Today, Tom and our friend, Steve, put up a ceiling and opened an existing doorway in the middle of that blank white wall. All we need now is to rework the wiring, build a new floor, install a new door or two, dress it up with a little paint and it'll be done. This is so exciting. Check back though. One of these days you'll find me freaking out... What have we done?

But really some things are back to normal. The laundry is caught up and I got to spend a little time with these little girls. A hot cocoa tea party with the little one, and an art extravaganza with the older one.


  All sunshine and happiness!

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