Friday, November 11, 2011

It Snowed Last Night!

In the middle of the night it turned white and bright outside, snow...three, maybe four inches. While I was reveling in its beauty, Tom groaned. It's almost early start for what he deems bad weather. Snow makes Tom's job harder, more stressful. He worries about his school bus drivers, their safety, the safety of the children, yep it's stressful. I on the other hand  I am chastising myself for not cutting the mums back and getting them covered with pine branches so they'll be snug enough to winter-over safely and come back in the spring. I may still get a chance to do that...November snows often melt away before winter sets-in in earnest. Not always, but often.

We had beautiful weather this past week. It would have been perfect for outside chores, but alas, I'm sick. A tenacious cold virus going around got me. And it got me good. I thought I was handling it just fine until a secondary sinus infection sneaked up on me. But now that I'm on an antibiotic surely this won't hang on much longer, right? Right. Anyway with that, and snow outside, isn't this a great day to hang out in pajamas all morning? Maybe even all day long.

Last week, when I didn't think this cold was anything to worry about Tom and I went away for an overnight stay at Bedford Springs Resort -- belatedly taking a trip our kids got us for our 40th wedding anniversary. It was  spectacular and we had a fabulous time. Lots of history there...10 or more presidents used the Bedford Springs Hotel for their summer White House, back in the day. And by that I mean the 1800's. The place is beautifully refurbished, an indoor mineral springs pool was completely redone several years ago. We enjoyed the pool, the hiking trails, the porches, the fine dining experiences, and the over-the-top care and service. And I wasn't feeling miserable then. Hmmm, maybe I overdid? (But it was so worth it!)

The hike started by crossing the bridge that connects the hotel to the big woods... 
Into the woods

It was uphill no matter what trail you picked. We chose the drastically uphill might say we chose poorly. No, not really, the hike was such fun. Which is what we said to each other later. Because while we were climbing, there was no breath to waste on talking.

There's the summit.

About half way up, looking down.
And back again.

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