Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

All of my boys (and daughters-in-law) were with me in spirit, represented by phone calls, cards, and good wishes. But Adam and Alicia were here in the flesh -- the day before Mother's Day.
My very favorite card had Snoopy on the outside and a four-year-old hand printed names on the inside. (But honestly kids, each and every card, and each and every one of you is special to me...but, it's just that, hmmm... what can I say? Your nephews [or your kids] my grandkids are my favorites now. Can you live with that?)

Tom went hunting early Saturday morning -- he cleaned up after slaying a turkey, then we went out to eat.

We went out for brunch, took a walk in the woods, visited, chatted, caught up. It really was a fabulous day. The guys set up a tripod so we could get in a picture together.

The best part about the weekend was that the weather was gorgeous in spite of the forecast for rain both Saturday and Sunday. I love it when the weatherman is wrong about rain!

On Sunday morning I phoned my mom before church. It sounded like a party with Dad, Aunt Lou, Uncle Harry, and Aunt Ro laughing and talking in the background, and all of us trying to holler "Happy Mother's Day" to each other. Speaker phone -- not the greatest form of communication. They were having their own brunch and then heading out to the golf course. A good Mother's Day there too!

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