Monday, December 6, 2010

Snow Day

Twenty two inches and counting. This beautiful fluffy white stuff is falling at about 1" per hour. The local school district called for a two hour delay this morning, but then went ahead and had school. Crazy. The surrounding districts played it safe and took a snow day. No one likes to make them up, but no one likes to have buses full of little kids stuck on bad roads or in a ditch either.

I went to work at the church only because I had an appointment to get snow tires put on my car. Yeah, like a day late -- that's the price you pay for being a practicing procrastinator. But it worked out for me because I could leave my car at the garage and walk to work. Assessing the church parking lot, my PT Cruiser never could have mustered through. I used Hoover's Tire as my parking garage and trudged the few blocks in knee deep snow. No kidding. In a few places the drifts were thigh high. I wore snow pants and boots and swooshed onward like a champ. So about the time I was done updating the website, answering mail and phone calls, sorting out other business, my car was ready to be picked up. Oh, I also shoveled a path for Mr. Mailman from the main sidewalk to the church mail slot. I'm sure he appreciated it. I know I appreciated it when I left work to go get my car.

With all this beautiful snow I should be happily decorating the house for Christmas. But no, haven't found the spirit yet. Perhaps I can cajole Tom into helping when he comes in from the great outdoors.  He's out hunting for Bambi's father. I'm not hoping he finds him, but then again, I am hoping for venison in the freezer. Can't have it both ways.
This little car wants a garage for Christmas.


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Anonymous said...

When I read the news this morning about 24"+ in your area the first thing I did was check your blog! I knew you'd have pictures and a story. It looks like we were "spared" this storm but I was excited about 5-8"

Much much love from down "south"