Monday, December 13, 2010

Catching Some Holiday Spirit

The Sister's Christmas Party...Aunt's Party...Cousins Get Together...with friends too.
Everyone but the gals in the kitchen

It was a wonderful fun time at Aunt Ro's house...

Mom and Aunt Lou came from Florida, I drove clear across the state and back again. A sister-in-law of one cousin came all the way from Wisconsin, or one of those mid-west states engulfed in blizzard conditions. By the by, there is no snow in Philly and it was warm. The temp was falling when I left this morning and there were reports of snowflakes in the air, but I couldn't see any. Another pic...

My momma and her life-long friend. Look, you can still see the little girl in them...

You're looking at 160 years between them!

Mom is going to hate reading that. She's not willingly owning her 80 years yet. 
She and Sara are giggling over being two 40's each.

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