Monday, October 27, 2008

Guess What!

Can you guess what I see outside my window? You won't believe it! I can hardly believe it. SNOWFLAKES! They're pretty, they're fun, they're dancing around, they're not sticking -- thank goodness. As entertaining and amusing as this is, I'm not ready for snow on the ground, not ready for snow in earnest. But I was so surprised and excited I just had to take a minute to tell's snowing.


Anonymous said...

My goodness...I'm so sorry. -N

Mike said...

The question on everyone's mind--did Tom trudge into it?

I love the snow, as long as the roads are cleared... but I also love to be the 1st to drive down a snowy lane [aka road]... "Pure as the driven snow" His blood can make you[& ME] white as snow... Hey, I actually wrote down a song with which God blessed me, called "White As Snow"