Friday, February 29, 2008

Saving Drafts

Sometimes I get interrupted mid blog and have to save my work as a draft. That's been happening a lot lately. I never posted the one titled "New Friends" from our recent trip to Florida.

We met my Aunt Roselyn's golfing buddies, Diane, Mary, and Jean Anne. They call themselves the Link Drinkers -- no round of golf is complete without a stop at the 19th hole, the watering hole. And in their honor we went out to dinner one night at Sebring's own The Watering Hole. Cute name for a restaurant/bar. The Watering Hole's claim to fame is that it's home to a great big alligator named Bully. The gator is caged -- certainly not the greatest digs for big ole Bully, but I suppose he's well fed.

Also, while in Florida, Dad and Mom had a planning meeting for an upcoming "Pennsylvania Day" event. We met people who hailed from different parts of PA. The Centre County connections were most fun for us, that being our old stomping grounds and all. Then on the plane ride home I sat beside the nicest woman. We chatted for the entire 2 hour flight. I may never see her again this side of heaven, but when we both get there, I'll know her and she'll know me. We share a kinship in spirit, one Lord, one Father and all like that.

Which leads me to another saved draft entitled "Eternity". I'll neither post it nor summarize it just now. But I will say, today is one of those days when I long for my heavenly home. I'm not sad or overwhelmed, I just have a keen longing to see my Savior face to face. Won't that be a glorious day? It'll be a happy reunion with all those lovers of God who have gone on before. But then I think of everyone I know and love here on earth, and I'm perfectly content to stay. I'll hang out here as long as God sees fit to use me. Then whoosh, I'll be off to eternity.

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