Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Planet

Being in Florida in February is like visiting another world. How can we possibly be swimming and sunning and walking in shorts today while people at home are bundled up against the blustery cold? Soon enough I'll be back to that reality. Tomorrow rather than swimming laps in Dad's pool, strolling through the development admiring the gorgeous landscaping and colorful blooms, I'll be strapping on my skis and looping the back field. Back in that world the lay of the land is white and the trees are bare. A different kind of beautiful. And underneath my heavy coat I'll have my sunburn to keep me warm. That and the memories of a wonderful mid winter vacation...
Ta-daaa, me and my adorable little niece splashing in the Gulf
Florida house #3 for Mom and Dad. Sebring house #2. We like to walk and count the houses they used to live in.
The lap pool and jacuzzi, house #5.
The 'rents on their lanai.

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