Saturday, February 1, 2014

Snow Rollers

What an interesting phenomenon! There must be 4 weather conditions happening simultaneously for snow rollers to occur: just right temps and wind, a crust of icy snow beneath fresh fallen fluffy snow. (This is my interpretation -- word of mouth, to my ear, through the filter of not the greatest memory -- straight to you. So if you really want to know about snow rollers, look it up!) People in our neck of the woods weren't familiar with them prior to last week. It's no wonder. I have it from a reliable source that conditions around here haven't been just right for 60 years or something like that.

Here's a close up of a snow roller -- courtesy of our friend Steve Ferguson. I believe this one was in his own yard.

More snow rollers from our back yard/ fields.

Oh the wonders of nature...God's handiwork!

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