Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Month of Thanksgiving

I've never done well with posting a thankful thought every single day. I'm sure I have a thankful thought or two every day, and even though I don't take time to write my moments of gratitude down I'm glad others do. Hearing what someone else is grateful for always warms my heart. I have a friend that I see once or twice a week and she always has something happy to share. "You won't believe what the Lord did... (this morning, or yesterday, or this week)," she'll gush. Sometimes it's something big, other times it's so small I'd have missed it if it had happened to me. I'd have chalked it up to coincidence. Not this gal, she sees God's hand in everything.

Man, I want to be like that. I love being with people who are upbeat -- happy much more often than they are sad -- see silver linings and don't miss tiny blessings, always finding something good in surroundings, circumstances, and the souls they encounter day in and day out. Yes, I want to be like that. So, to those of you who purposefully and faithfully post what you are grateful for every day during the month of November, the month of Thanksgiving, thanks! I appreciate it, and I appreciate you, and I guess that's something I'll be thankful for each and every day...your grateful posts.

As for me, I couldn't be more grateful for anything in the month of November than the gift of having been blessed (40 years ago, now!) with my first baby boy. I'm grateful for him, who he has become, all that he has brought to our lives. Tom and I love him like no other, not counting his 3 brothers. All four we love equally -- but this isn't their month. Today, this month, it's all about Nathan. First born son to us, first born grandson to my parents, first born nephew to my brothers and sisters. So very special to all of us.
Baby Nathan and Oma
(That's the name a grandma gets when her first born grandchild says Mmm-ma.)
Adam and Nathan

Aaron, Amy, Nathan

David and Nathan in San Francisco

Happy Birthday to Nathan!

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