Saturday, November 30, 2013

Giving Thanks for Family

Tom and I spent Thanksgiving day with our son Adam and his Alicia, her parents and her brother as well. Adam and Alicia's house is very warm and welcoming and easily big enough for all of us! The turkey and ham dinner was a splendid group effort, and although the main burden still fell to the was a fabulous dinner and a lighter load for everyone because we all contributed.

At least I hope that was the case. You would never know Alicia had surgery less than two weeks ago She seems to be getting along just fine without a gallbladder, but we (Adam, her mother and I) kept encouraging her not to overdo. Our degree of success amounted to this: when it was time for clean up we talked her into sitting on the couch. She dutifully sat. For two minutes, maybe three.
I have to say, I can't remember having such a pleasant time working together in the kitchen, from prep to clean up...a good time was had by all.
Over dinner we each took time to share something we are particularly thankful for. Family topped the list over and over again -- time with, support of, grateful for. We each shared from our hearts and from our own experiences, our two families with individual but similar circumstances this year. There were tears (it's okay, the potatoes needed salt anyway) and lumps in throats (better than in the gravy) and rather than asking, "Please pass the pepper," it was, "Please pass the Kleenex." Good grief. Seriously, it was a good time of grieving and being thankful, and then -- even -- can you believe?, laughing together. I had almost forgotten how my Adam's eyes sparkle when they leak, and how adorable he looks when he laughs through tears. 
Now I'm sounding melodramatic, and all I meant to say was, we had a wonderful time and very thankful Thanksgiving day. I hope you did too. Love, Betsy

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