Saturday, October 12, 2013

Break the Hate Art Event

I just had one of my writings read at an Art Event in Austin, Texas. The woman who read it did such a splendid job...I couldn't believe I actually wrote that...but I did.

You can read it here Break the Hate by Betsy Henning.

Thank you, Susan Harris, for inviting me to participate from afar in your Art Event. Thank you Nathalie (Women Beyond Bars Ministry), for doing such a spectacular reading for me.


Anonymous said...

Betsy - I'm Nathalie, and so very happy that you liked my reading of your intro and blog! I write and know the tension around being edited ... so I prayerfully and consciously edited your intro "answers" a bit since our time was limited. (I also teach public speaking to prisoners ( and know that there's a real difference in reading and "performing" a writing) ... so though I didn't actually add words to anything - well, except I did add "What's happening" in place of "it" just about the end (did you notice) ... I truly felt like the same Spirit that guided your writing, guided my editing and reading! And learning that you're happy -- I'm even happier! The audience was really leaning in and listening deeply - and their response was very enthusiastic. I feel honored to have represented you. As Susan (the mother/blogger before your "slot") told me "We always need to hear from Mothers!"

Betsy Henning said...

I feel like I've made a new friend in Nathalie! Now, I'm off to find the other mother/blogger, Susan!