Thursday, October 10, 2013

3 Dogs and a Little Lady

Pups and preschoolers make for a 3 ring circus...if you're trying to get a picture of all 4 of them, that is. So here's a compromise. Get the little girl to hold the puppy on a leash while two dogs sit (or don't sit) on the other side of the sliding door.
There, that almost worked.
Parker (black dog) is a temporary resident. We're just keeping him for our boy David until we can reunite them in Colorado. Mia (white dog) comes over to play on the days I babysit Bridget (adorable child holding the leash). I thought it would be nice to get a picture of them all together. Maybe that will happen another day when I have help in the form of a grown up.
Our dear old Phoebe wonders what in the world these other mutts are doing in her space. (Please excuse me, Mia, I know you are a pedigreed pooch, but the other two, well, they're not, so mutt seems to work here). Phoebe used to be Bridget's favorite four-footed friend. That was before Mia, and before Parker. The competition is infringing on Phoebe's getting attention, and clearly she's annoyed with our canine company.
On the bright side, little pup keeps Parker occupied. She jumps and yips and generally harasses the big, black dog, and he loves it. That gives Phoebe a break. She quickly tires of them and can slink off. No wonder Phoebe doesn't want to play with Parker. She's like his auntie in dog years. 
Parker, pup, and little girl whooped it up all morning. Then every dog went to his or her kennel, and Bridget and I went to the library. Later in the day, after a swim, we had a hot cocoa "tea party". So fun!


Kristine Riddle said...

That's a whole lotta "cute" going on!

Betsy Henning said...

Aw, thanks Kristine. You're right, it sure is. I'm a lucky duck to have them in my life.