Friday, April 19, 2013

Avoidance, the Great Motivator

So everyone who knows me knows I want to be a writer. Or do I? I've heard that writers write. Not me, I think up ways to avoid writing. But man, can I ever get a lot of work done when I'm in serious avoidance mode. This month for instance...I've got a writing project going, I'm a little behind on it. But two rooms, two closets, and three cabinets are hoed out, cleaned, and organized. We're talking intense clutter busting.

This week I planned to complete another writing assignment, which with a bit of finagling, I could incorporate into the bigger writing project. Two birds and all that. But instead I started cleaning the barn. Yes, the barn. Not the kind of barn that animals live in, unless you count bats, pigeons, and more than a few rodents, but the kind of barn where you store junk, work on projects, and leave all manner of leftover mess from said projects. It's also the place you cram broken bicycles, spent appliances, old windows, and unused/unusable building materials until township cleanup day.

Next Saturday is township clean up day. This Saturday we've got a crew of family and friends coming to help toss, load, sweep, clean and organize. So you know what that means. I had to go make the place presentable, kind of like cleaning your house before the cleaning person arrives. I've got three stacks going out there in the old barn: burnable, recyclable, and genuine, dumpster worthy junk.

It is so very generous of our township to haul in a bunch of huge dumpsters on an annual basis. The dumpsters are kind of like coffins that take old, broken, dirty white elephants to their final resting place. I'm trying not to think about the carbon footprint. Or here's a thought, perhaps this is helping reduce our townships carbon footprint. We've sorted, now they'll sort further. Yes, yes, it's sounding much more responsible and stewardly now.

So, enough of this writing. It's served the purpose. I wrote something today -- keeping up the image. Now I've got work to do before the clean up crew comes tomorrow and sees what a slob I really am. It's all about image.


kriddle said...

I think you should consider viewing this as "positive procrastination." It's enabled you to complete several home projects, provided you with a blog post, and given you the mental space to decide what you really want to include in your larger writing project. That's a Win, Win, Win - right? :)

Betsy Henning said...

Oh wow, yes. Win, Win, Win... And you, my dear friend, are the queen of positive spin!

Sarah Rose said...

I soooo agree about freeing up the mental space! I use my cleaning and organizing time to think about what to write too! And since a lot of what I write I hope to be devotional material, I keep my eyes peeled for lessons all around me! :) I love reading what you write Betsy! You are a wonderful woman!