Wednesday, April 17, 2013

All Frivolity Aside

Every time I sit down to the computer and pull up my blog, my heart sinks. The last post "Go Fly a Kite" with pictures of two absolutely carefree little girls and a couple of equally carefree (in the moment) adults, seems too happy in light of the terror attack in Boston.

None of my loved ones were hurt, my family and friends unscathed, our lives went on as usual, except for the black cloud -- being aware of other people's anguish. Some of my blogging friends posted heartfelt messages, calls to pray, reminders to be helpful, encouragement to be hopeful. I appreciated their words and am indeed holding on to hope. Hope that though there is evil in the world, there is much, much more good.

Acts of terror on a grand scale or small make even people of faith question their belief in a sovereign God who is only good all the time.  C. S. Lewis describes the fall of man in his book, The Problem of Pain, "...Christianity asserts that God is good; that He made all things good for the sake of their goodness; that one of the good things He made, namely the free will of rational creatures, by its very nature included the possibility of evil; and that creatures availing themselves of this possibility, have become evil."

Sometimes I would like to direct God, coach him if you will, on how to better run his universe and protect his people. But then I remember He is God, omnicient, omnipotent, omnipresent God. And I am not. I know nothing, can fix nothing, and I live in one little corner of the world. Still, I am called to do my part, if not for the victims of violence in Boston, then here. I can help by offering kindnesses and compassion, meeting needs, praying. I can do that.  I can do unto others as I would like them to do to me. I can love others, appreciate them, celebrate them, and enjoy them today, because I have this day. Tomorrow is not promised, but I have today to live, laugh, love...and to stop and smell the daffodils.


Betsy Henning said...
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Lisa Vella said...

Betsy, this is beautiful! Everything from the title to the ending is perfect. Love!!!

Betsy Henning said...

Thank you, Lisa. And now, this morning, more sad news on TV. :(