Monday, March 25, 2013

Making the Most of Winter's Last Hurrah

A happy sentinal stands guard at the neighbor's house. Aren't they delightful? (I'm going to name them Audie, Biddy, and Mommy -- I thought it was Daddy, but the mittens are kinda girly.) These poor snowpeople have been dusted over time and again in the past week. Brrr....

But's spring. Green grass is itching to throw off this wet white blanket. Spring peepers want to sing. Daffodils can't wait to bloom.
Don't judge. It isn't a case of child labor.
She's actually putting snow back on the sidewalk.
                                                                                    And so very proud of her accomplishment!
Even the dog is wondering if it isn't time for winter to go away.
And crocus valiantly try to do their part.

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