Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I know it's St. Pat's Day because we've got snow to prove it. It's not green, but it's coming down steady just as expected mid-March in these here parts. I almost put away my skis this week, then remembered, March 17 is yet to come. But, not to fret! It's winter's last (hope, hope) hurray -- the St. Patrick's Day snow.

It's not terribly cold outside, but cold enough, and the snow is perfect to ski. So out I went to commune with nature before getting dressed up and heading off to commune with others inside a delightfully warm old-fashioned church building. And in both places, indoors and out, alone or with people, there is God.

The snow is still falling and collecting on tree branches, the walkway, the cars. It's beautiful and I wish to be content, though I'm wrinkling my nose at the thought of brushing off the car and driving in snow. That's what Tom would be doing if he weren't at work this weekend, putting on the banquet portion of his school's annual Broadway Dinners, a thirty year tradition I believe. This spectacular dinner show raises funds for the excellent music program at General McLane. Hugely supported by school district and community, Broadway Dinners outgrew the school facilities several years ago. The current venue is just down the road from school, which entails trucking place settings and cooked food in vans back and forth with the help of lots of volunteers. It's quite the undertaking, and my husband comes home exhausted but pleased with a job well done. (He really is a man of many talents.) Meanwhile the church who gives up her facilities for the long weekend sets up to worship elsewhere. A testimony to the support this school district gets from the community!
Is that a rabbit foot? Or am I just thinking rabbit because I went off on a trail. No matter. I must go clear off the car and head to church. I'm always running out of time, but here's my spin...I'm making the most of every minute. Believe that and I'll tell you another!

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