Monday, October 22, 2012

New Every Morning...

I highly recommend a balance between taking life seriously and just plain having fun. So many gifts surround us. But life is ever changing, and some of the best gifts just don't keep. Nature, for instance, is ever changing. I'm not sure if it's memory that fails or mental image that fades, but each fall seems more beautiful than the last. Even when the weather is cold and rainy, golden leaves, crimson, orange, russet, and rust colored leaves, remain spectacular. But they won't keep! Too soon they cover our lawns and forest floors. Bare tree branches tell the next season will be upon us in no time. So seize the day! Don't let today pass without a sense of wonder over something. Quick, before it gets away. And yet, have no fear, tomorrow God's blessings and mercies will be new again. They are new every morning.

You know what else doesn't keep? Babies don't keep. A swaddled newborn becomes a kicking, cooing, month old baby. Her new-ness wears off. His personality emerges. They roll over, they sit, they crawl, they pull themselves up to stand on their own tiny feet, babbling "mama" or "dada". So quick. It happens in the blink of an eye! Babies sure don't keep.

I enjoyed a blessed baby fix this weekend. Company, campers of the indoor and outdoor variety, graced us with their presence. Look at us trying to line up the babies: eleven months, 13 months, 15 months, 17 months, and a big sister (3 years).
Missing are a two-year-old and the two big kids (5 and 7) who are probably too grown up for footie pajamas. The 3-year-old was a big help, because it turns out, lining up one year olds is a little bit like herding cats.
Documenting, men working in the kitchen!


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