Friday, August 3, 2012

To Blog or Not to Blog

Summer is wonderfully...lots of things come to mind, but mostly... exhausting. There's visiting, traveling, swimming, entertaining (preparing for company and recouping after), playing, working, landscaping, planning, dreaming, reading, not writing. Three blogs in the month of July. Seriously? Although I did whip off those devotions for Camp Venango in July. Nevermind that my goal was to have those finished by mid-June. Nevermind that I put so much into them I had to redo and make them more kid friendly and age appropriate and all that. The redo took 1 and 1/2 hours -- the originals took 3 months. But wait, in my defense, they were 3 really bad months in my life. The badness isn't over yet, but I have put it aside. You know the cliche; give it to God. Yeah. I know it too. Easier said than done. But dad-gum-it, I done it.

Tom and I have totally ignored our Christmas tree fields since April -- we must have done a little work out in the fields in April because I blogged about it -- but since then, nada. Now we pay. I only worked two 2-hour shifts yesterday and then moaned all evening long. Tom worked the same (well actually more) but he didn't moan as much, and not until this morning. Our hands hurt! His from wrestling with a rented monster mowing machine, trying to keep the dang thing on track, out of holes, away from trees that we're trying to rescue from weeds, not hack off with a mower. Mine hurt from pulling well-rooted weeds away from little tree trunks to find and snip lower branches. This job is done on one's hands and knees. My knees hurt too.

There will be no pulling of weeds today -- too ouchie. There will be no muscling a mowing machine -- it was returned to the rental place, Lloyds Rental in Meadville. Instead I'll spray the rows with a generic form of Round-Up. Tom will start the shearing. Hey...we'll have the small tree field done in no time -- if our nearly 60 year old bodies can handle it. And did I mention the thermometer is supposed to hit 92 today? Yep. We'll have to work, swim, swim, work and drink lots of water.

Yesterday, before starting my day, I prayed Psalm 90:17  "Lord pour your favor on us, and establish the work of our hands for us, yes, establish the work of our hands." He did. Yesterday is done. I didn't pray that today.

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