Saturday, August 18, 2012

PostSecrets, Facebook, and God

All the things I forgot to post this summer, things I've done, seen, and have been inspired by, come to me when I put my head on the pillow at night, while driving the car, pushing little girls on swings, languishing in a Calgon-take-me-away moment, pulling weeds, or running the sweeper. Then in the busy-ness of life those thoughts are slept away, swept away and in other ways slip away, never making it to paper, screen, or cyber space. They just loll around in my head for awhile and then roll out...spinning, floating, falling to nowhere land.

I click the link to my blog and check. Didn't I write about (any number of things)? No, I guess I didn't. So when are the techies going to come up with a mind reading program? They've already got voice recognition keyboarding apps. And who would have believed there'd be devices taking commands, answering questions, typing and texting our words? It really can't be too big a leap to creating technology that reads our minds and types up our thoughts. How awesome that would be! Or wait, how awful that would be. If my thoughts magically appeared on a computer screen I would be by turns delighted and devastated -- most often the latter. It's in the writing down, the organizing of thoughts that I understand what I think I'm thinking. And that's when I catch myself saying, "Oh dear, that's not what I mean, or meant." I can rewrite or rephrase it after I've rethought it.

So do I want technology that records my thoughts? I don't think so; unless it would just go out to PostSecret. And even then? Scripture says that only God knows our hearts. He knows our secret thoughts and deeds done in secret too. I believe I'd like to keep it that way. Please techy people, don't invent a device to read my thoughts. Some of them are bad and I'd just as soon those not be made public, not even as a PostSecret. Some of them are experimental. They are me, growing, learning, perfecting -- not ready for sharing. But God, you go right ahead and search me, point out my wicked or foolish ways, create in me a good, pure heart, and help me have only good pure thoughts. (In this lifetime? What are the chances?)

I read something on facebook that tickled my funny bone. Facebook. You know. The social network forum where lots of thoughts are shared that never ever should have been written down. Trust me, there are some things only God should know you are thinking. But for everything else...go ahead...put it on facebook. Like this post: A writer is someone for whom writing is much more difficult than it is for other people.

And there's my out. That's why I don't write as often or as well as I wish. It's difficult for me. I'm a writer.

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