Thursday, March 8, 2012


March 8. Seriously? I'm apparently working on becoming a blog sloth. How many weeks without blogging does it take to earn the title? Pretty sure I'm there. Two things cause me to neglect my blog: busy-ness and unhappy-ness, both sap energy like an unplugged laptop. Once the juice is used up, you're down for the count. But...This unseasonably warm weather toward the end of an unusually mild winter is a real spirit lifter and re-charger. Not that I've been feeling down, just not up. A bit of warmth and yesterday's gorgeous sunshine really has helped.

This helped too...I spent a couple of days in Pittsburgh, visiting my friend from North Carolina who was up to the burgh watching her twin grandsons. She let me in on the fun. And I'll tell you what, two of them make for a double dose of cute. While the little guys were in school, Beth and I had plenty of time to chat over coffee. By all rights we deserved a good case of the java jitters, but nope, none of that. My incredible tolerance for caffeine surprises even me sometimes.

There have been a few significant changes in my life recently. Foremost, we're in the midst of a pastoral change. It's sad that our pastor left and we need to begin the process of finding a new leader. But if he was called to move on, then surely God has already gone before and is preparing the right person to come and shepherd our little flock. Until then, motherless lambs, that's what we are. Nah, that's not true -- on several levels -- we are one of those rather conservative denominations that wouldn't think of having a female leader. So sheep without a shepherd is way more accurate. And even at that, we've got Jesus, the Good Shepherd. We'll be fine. Our prayers are with our previous pastor and his family as they begin a new adventure in ministry. Godspeed!

Under the circumstances, I thought it reasonable to resort to retail therapy. Tom was in on it too. We embarked on a several trips to the city, choosing a trundle bed for our big guest room and new furniture for our TV room. We're replacing a couch and loveseat with a new couch, loveseat and ottoman, going from sage green to golden brown. The highlight of the purchases is the oversized ottoman with a storage compartment and hinged lid. All these purchases, scheduled to arrive at the end of March are cause for all manner of rearranging furniture. Things will be changing. I'll clear out old stuff, declutter, and reorganize to my heart's content.

Changes can be unsettling or comforting, unnerving or exciting, unhappy or delightful. Most changes are all of the above in one way or another, and we deal with them on a regular basis in this life.

And speaking of change, there is coming a day when all things will be new. New heavens and new earth, no more sickness, pain, death, no misunderstandings or confusion. No clutter? One can only hope. Either way, what a day, glorious day, that will be.


Lisa Vella said...

Hmm...Where does one go to collect the blog sloth award? I think I qualify!

Great post, as usual, Betsy!

Betsy Henning said...

If the blog police haven't found you yet, lay low and you might avoid such an ignominious award. Let's keep doing just enough to avoid getting saddled with it!