Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Morning

The house is quiet, except for the hum of the furnace and purr of the cat beside me. I don't often see this hour of the morning...but I'm thinking, what's to see anyway? It's very dark. Electric candles glow warm and soft in the windows. Each one has a double reflecting back. Cup of coffee in hand I've walked through the house plugging in lights, enjoying the ambiance, watching for the sky to lighten up.

All is peaceful, calm, spite of the dusting of snow. The presents are wrapped. House clean enough, ready for company tomorrow. (I know. I can't believe it either.) The mood is just right, a perfect time to blog...I thought. But then again... the glow of the computer screen kind of ruins the magic. So I'll close this out, close the lid. Looking toward the eastern sky, there's the first light of dawn. How marvelous, the start of a new day. Christmas eve day.

Merry Christmas friends. May you find Love, make peace, and bask in joy.

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Ellen Campbell said...

And Merry, merry Christmas to you too, Betsy. Enjoy these days...