Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Week Long Birthday

It's like the birthday that never ends...and I don't mind a bit. Last Tuesday my friend Nadine made birthday dinner for me.

Then we went on a two-day trip to New York. You'll find pictures of day one which we spent at Letchworth State Park in the previous post. I'll get around to posting pictures of day two at Genesee Country Village soon -- maybe next post.

When we got home there were more birthday cards in the mail. And Mr. Mailman brought more birthday gifts and greetings again today.

Finally, (maybe?) --

Tonight we went out to dinner (one last birthday dinner for this year!) with Adam and Alicia. It's a nice routine we have with them, about once a month, meeting half way for dinner to celebrate a special occasion, or just because, if there's no occasion. Sometimes they come all the way here, other times we go all the way there, but meeting in the middle works great. We love it, and we love that they seem to love it as well.

So... I am well birthdayed. And this isn't even one of those monumental years. But the next one is. One year less one week until I turn 60. This is me getting ready for that.

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